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Industrial Trucks And Tractors in Columbus Ohio 43219 - Purdy Co logo
in Columbus, OH

Established in 1950, Purdy Company is a trusted distributor in the storage and material handling space. From assembly of modular offices and mezzanines, to installation of everyday equipment like shelving and lockers, Purdy Company can provide the products and solutions that make your workplace safe, productive and efficient.

Prefabricated Wood Buildings in Berlin Ohio 44610 - Dutchland Realty Inc logo
in Berlin, OH

Expanding your existing operations or moving production to a new contract manufacturer without interruption is critical to your business’s continuity and growth. The QuickConnect program employs our proven 5-step process to make sure we seamlessly onboard, qualify and deliver your product flawlessly on-time and on-budget.

Packing & Shipping in Russia Ohio 45363 - Production Support logo
in Russia, OH

We currently package over 8 million polybags of hardware per year while maintaining a strict accuracy adherence. This is accomplished with 6 high tech bagging lines which include 28 electronic counters and 7 weigh counters. Every bag is run over a check weighing scale and its contents are verified by a weight tolerance of .01 ounces. We also offer custom printing solutions for any kit produced (Part no.- Lot no.- Dates – Barcodes – Imagines, etc.)

Using both manual and automated processes we can customize bagging solutions at a cost effective price. Each year we produce millions of bags and kits while maintaining a strict accuracy adherence. We have been able to remain a viable and competitive supplier thru continuous improvements by reducing labor, inventory, distribution and warehousing costs across the supply chain.Regardless of size, scale, degree of complexity PSI has a custom solution for you. You can feel confident in knowing that your products will meet your satisfaction 100% of the time.

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