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Our mission is to partner with small-to-mid-sized manufacturers and manufacturing resources so together we may accelerate positive economic impacts & general wellbeing within the communities our manufacturers operate. Our purpose is fulfilled by assisting with lead generation, making recruitment simple, digital marketing consultation, and serving as an educational resource by way of Q&A sessions with larger manufacturers and leaders in the staffing/recruitment space. Ultimately, our manufacturers will get the ability to be competitive in today’s digital landscape while investing in their community now.

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“Offshoring was a death by a thousand cuts, but we tend to think of it in the aggregate as though one giant sword of Damocles pared through our manufacturing base. The number of lost jobs is so staggering, perhaps the only way to fathom its magnitude is to think of it as one cataclysmic event.”
Michael McKeldon Woody, Author of “American Dragon

Random Ohio Manufacturer

  • Luminaud in Mentor, OH

    Luminaud Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality electronic speech equipment and tracheostoma products. We have over 40 years of experience providing you with prompt and courteous service at reasonable prices.

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Random CNC Company In Ohio

  • Steinert Industries in Kent, OH

    Steinert Industries has a wide range of equipment — including CNC and conventional machinery — and welding and fabrication skills to meet the needs of our customers. We also work with a network of shops, suppliers and talented individuals who, when needed, aide in our ability to produce everything from one-off parts to quantity runs. Examples of our capabilities include R & D for an electric motor company, cutting and piercing equipment for the foam industry, pultrusion and extrusion equipment as well as forged ornamental gates and fences.

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