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For over twenty five years the L. Haberny Company has serviced the non ferrous processing industry worldwide. Our furnaces, casters and pollution control equipment have provided a rugged product to this customer base. We provide a complete package of high quality and cost effective refractory design and installation services. Our duct and fittings are used today in all sectors of manufacturing.


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L Haberny Co Inc: Unveiling the Craftsmanship Behind Fabricated Structural Metal

Welcome to the world of L Haberny Co Inc – a company that takes pride in its impeccable craftsmanship and expertise in fabricating structural metal. Based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, this powerhouse of innovation has been revolutionizing the industry for years, and today, we’re going to peel back the curtain and delve deeper into the artistry and precision that goes into their creations.Picture this: colossal steel beams standing tall, supporting the weight of sky-high buildings or intricate metal frameworks ensuring the stability of bridges that stretch across vast expanses. These are just a few examples of the awe-inspiring projects that L Haberny Co Inc brings to life. With each undertaking, they epitomize the marriage of functionality and beauty, creating structures that not only stand the test of time but also captivate our imagination.But what sets L Haberny Co Inc apart from other fabricated structural metal manufacturers? It’s their unwavering dedication to excellence, their relentless pursuit of perfection. Every piece that leaves their workshop is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship, showcasing their unmatched attention to detail and the sophisticated techniques they employ. From meticulously measuring and cutting the raw materials to skillfully welding and assembling them, L Haberny Co Inc leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that their creations exceed expectations.Join us on this captivating journey as we explore the fascinating world of L Haberny Co Inc. Discover the mesmerizing process behind their masterpieces and gain a deeper appreciation for the immense skill and artistry required to bring structural metal to life. Get ready to be inspired by the boundless creativity and innovation that is synonymous with L Haberny Co Inc.

L Haberny Co Inc: A Legacy of Impeccable Craftsmanship

When it comes to fabricated structural metal, L Haberny Co Inc is a name that stands out. With a legacy of impeccable craftsmanship, this company has been at the forefront of the industry for years. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail have earned them a reputation as one of the best in the business.At L Haberny Co Inc, every project is approached with a sense of artistry and precision. From the initial design phase to the final installation, their team of skilled craftsmen ensures that every piece meets their high standards. Whether it’s a towering skyscraper or a delicate bridge, L Haberny Co Inc brings their expertise and passion to every project they undertake.What sets L Haberny Co Inc apart from other fabricated structural metal manufacturers is their unwavering dedication to quality. They understand that each piece they create plays a crucial role in the overall structure and safety of a building or infrastructure. That’s why they go above and beyond to ensure that every weld is flawless, every measurement is precise, and every detail is meticulously attended to.But it’s not just about functionality for L Haberny Co Inc. They believe that structural metal can also be beautiful. Their creations are not only structurally sound but also visually stunning. With an eye for design and an understanding of aesthetics, they are able to transform raw materials into works of art.

The Powerhouse of Innovation in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, L Haberny Co Inc has become a powerhouse of innovation in the fabricated structural metal industry. Their state-of-the-art facility houses cutting-edge technology and equipment that allows them to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.From the moment you step into their workshop, you can feel the energy and passion that permeate the air. The team at L Haberny Co Inc is constantly seeking ways to improve their processes and techniques. They embrace innovation and are always on the lookout for new materials and methods that can enhance their creations.But it’s not just about the tools they use; it’s also about the people behind them. The craftsmen at L Haberny Co Inc are experts in their field, with years of experience and a deep understanding of structural metal. They bring their expertise to every project, ensuring that each piece is crafted with care and precision.

Unmatched Attention to Detail: The Hallmark of L Haberny Co Inc

One of the hallmarks of L Haberny Co Inc is their unmatched attention to detail. They understand that even the smallest imperfection can compromise the integrity of a structure. That’s why they leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every aspect of their work meets their exacting standards.From meticulously measuring and cutting raw materials to skillfully welding and assembling them, every step in the process is executed with precision. The craftsmen at L Haberny Co Inc take pride in their work, knowing that each piece they create represents not only their skill but also the reputation of the company.But it’s not just about what you see on the surface. L Haberny Co Inc goes beyond aesthetics to ensure that every piece they fabricate is built to last. They carefully consider factors such as load-bearing capacity, structural stability, and environmental conditions to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also durable.

From Raw Materials to Masterpieces: The Meticulous Process

The journey from raw materials to masterpieces at L Haberny Co Inc is a meticulous process that involves careful planning, precise execution, and unwavering attention to detail.It all starts with the design phase, where the team at L Haberny Co Inc collaborates with architects and engineers to bring their vision to life. Once the design is finalized, the craftsmen begin working with raw materials, carefully measuring and cutting them to size.Next comes the welding and assembly phase, where each piece is meticulously joined together. This requires a high level of skill and expertise to ensure that every weld is strong and secure. The craftsmen at L Haberny Co Inc take their time with this step, knowing that it is crucial to the overall integrity of the structure.Finally, each piece undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that it meets L Haberny Co Inc’s stringent quality standards. Only after passing this inspection does it move on to installation, where it becomes an integral part of a larger structure.At L Haberny Co Inc, every project is treated as a work of art. From start to finish, their team of skilled craftsmen pour their passion and expertise into every piece they create. The result? Masterpieces that not only stand the test of time but also leave a lasting impression on all who see them.