Terms of Service

These terms of service intend to serve the mutual benefit of JobShopsOhio.com, website visitors, and companies that have been added to our website.

  1. Information may not be up to date. We encourage our users and viewers to contact our team to suggest updates.
  2. We do not guarantee that previously witnessed information will always be visible on this website.
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  4. Other than for the purposes of direct sales inquires, website visitors must not sell, rent, or in any way be a broker of information found on this website.
  5. Display of a company’s information or brand on this website does not intend to imply; indirectly or directly, a relationship between this website and the company who’s information or brand is visible on this website. This includes, but is not limited to the use of a logo, company name, or phrases related to the company’s services.
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  9. JobShopsOhio.com may take measures to ban users/viewers who pose a threat to our community, cause suspicion of malicious intent, or who use the information of this website to negatively impact our network’s livelihood.
  10. Paid subscriptions may be canceled at any time by contacting JobShopsOhio.com.
  11. JobShopsOhio may remove a paid subscription at any time, will cancel recurring payments, and will make effort to inform the paying party of the cancellation.
  12. Free listings may be removed upon request.
  13. In the event that subscription service or costs change JobShopsOhio will make reasonable effort to notify the paying party before the change takes effect. For example, JobShopsOhio.com may create introduce a new feature that causes subscription prices to increase and will contact the company via the email used during the signup process to inform the paying party of the increase.
  14. JobShopsOhio may provide complimentary listings at their discretion.
  15. It is understood that there is no claimed association between this website and the brands that are displayed herein; other than the promotion, solicited or not solicited, of the companies accessible on this website.
  16. JobShopsOhio.com does is not responsible for misleading or inaccurate information found within the comments or descriptions of this website.
  17. JobShopsOhio.com is not responsible for the level of service provided by any company that had been contacted as a result of information found on, nor transactions occurring on this website.
  18. As a user of this website, you agree to defend and protect us from legal pursuits related to your business, your person, or any other entity.
  19. Paid or complimentary listings are not a guarantee of lead generation, an increase in company revenue, or a promise of an introduction to other entities.
  20. These terms of service may be updated at any time by JobShopsOhio.com without notice.