Why Manufacturers Should Have An Email List

After reviewing over 300 manufacturing websites, I was shocked that only a small percentage of them had a way to continually hear more about the business. If you’re a manufacturer or want to increase sales for your company, then you need to get an email list started ASAP.

NOTE: This is not spam. This is a list of people who have CHOSEN to hear more about your business.

Take a look at it from your potential buyer’s perspective. They need to be “in the know” about the best products, services, and prices out there. If you get them to sign up for your list, then you already have a foot in the door. At that point they want you to give them the latest information about your business.

From your perspective, you’ll find that email marketing is an affordable way to keep in touch with potential buyers.

Here’s how to get started with an email list: Grow Manufactruing Sales With Email Lists

What Else is email marketing good for?

You don’t need to always send emails about your prices, promotions, and products. You can also share notes about who you are as a company. People work with who they like. If you look like the right person, then people will look to you in the future for services. What makes them like you? Well… you can’t get a beer together via email, but you can tell who you are. Show your knowledge of the industry. Let them know that you’ll be at an event they are likely to attend. Even sending out an email with your employee of the month is likely to spark interest (and possible sales).

What you shouldn’t do with your email list

Again, look at it from your potential buyer’s perspective and think about the golden rule. How often do you want to get an email from a business? Probably not more than once a month; right? At most, you should send twice per month, but never duplicate promotions. If you send too much with content that is too similar, then your subscribers may unsubscribe — or worse; report you as spam. In general, you should set a frequency and make sure your content engaging. If you keep that in mind, then you can’t go wrong.

Stats & Facts About Email Marketing

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