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Pumps And Pumping Equipment in Logan Ohio 43138 - Tat Pumps Inc logo
in Logan, OH

All TAT Peristaltic Pumps use rotating rollers to squeeze fluid through elastomer tubing. (Click here to see how a TAT Peristaltic Pump works.) The TAT peristaltic pump is superior to other types of pumps because the fluid that is being pumped (water, ink, acids or chemicals) never touches the pump, only the tubing. This means that the pump will last longer, and the same pump can be used for various fluids by simply changing the tubing. As an added advantage, our pumps can pump fluids with a viscosity from water to heavy sludge and produce flow rates from 0 to 2100 gallons per hour. We will work with each customer to match a pump to an individual application. To help you pick the best pump for your application and for an overview of TAT’s Series Pumps click here.

Pumps And Pumping Equipment in Ashland Ohio 44805 - Keen Pump Co Inc logo
in Ashland, OH
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