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Screw Machine Products in Oakwood Ohio 45873 - Tooling Connection logo
in Oakwood, OH
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Sheet Metalwork in Cincinnati Ohio 45225 - Airvec Systems Inc logo
in Cincinnati, OH

Airvec Systems has been dedicated to providing the complete solution to our customers. We accomplish this by educating our customers on the options available to each individual application. Whether you just need replacement parts or filters, or a complete turnkey solution, Airvec Systems is available to assist with your requirements.

Filtration Systems in Hamilton Ohio 45015 - Membrane Specialists logo
in Hamilton, OH

Membrane systems: process development, design, engineering, controls, fabrication, commissioning and optimization.

Filtration in Loveland Ohio 45140 - Findlow Filtration Inc logo
in Loveland, OH

Findlow Filtration, the fluid filtration specialist, will not only improve your process they’ll get it clean, removing impurities and inconsistencies in your product, with efficiencies as high as 99.999999 percent. With convenient consultation and accurate diagnosis and application, Findlow has a tradition of customer service and expertise that far surpasses that of its competitors.

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