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Commercial Printing in Cincinnati Ohio 45239 - Print Craft logo
in Cincinnati, OH
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Storage and Organizational Products and Kits in Dublin. Ohio 43017 - Unikeep  logo
in Dublin, OH

Storage and Organizational Products and Kits

Binders,Cases,Pouches,Pockets & Pages in Dublin, Oh 43017 - PackZen logo
in Dublin, OH

UniKeep offers a variety of industrial office supply products to help keep your office and shop organized. Our assortment of SDS Binders, Job Ticket Holders, Binders for organizational and instructional purposes and Tags/pockets for any informational ID.

PackZen is an affiliate of Univenture, the worldwide leader in optical disc packaging products for over 25 years. The Univenture history is one of innovation and growth. From our Safety-sleeve® brand of disc sleeves, to the introduction of our U-1000 automated disc packaging systems, to the development of the Unikeep™ disc wallets, we’ve always used the feedback from our customers to expand our product offerings. PackZen is the next step in the evolution of our company, as we use our expertise working with all types of plastics to establish the premier source for creative plastic packaging products.

Printing & Organizational Products in Dublin Ohio 43017 - CardNoter logo
in Marysville, OH

Entrepreneur Ross Youngs, founder of CardNoter and the Univenture family of companies, faced a common business problem as he traveled around the country for conferences and seminars – how should he organize his growing business card collection? And how would he remember “who was who” when it came to sorting and using them later?

His current system was to quickly write a couple of brief notes directly onto a business card to help him remember important details about the contact. But there were a couple of problems with this method. Once he returned home and started sorting through his cards, Youngs realized he couldn’t read his hastily scribbled notes. The space on the business card simply wasn’t large enough for proper notes about the contact. And he was still left with a pile of unsorted cards. Build your Brand & Create Memories.

Disc Packaging in Marysville, OH 43040 - Univenture logo
in Marysville, OH

A World Leader in Disc Packaging Since 1988. Safety-sleeve® Disc Packaging is sought-after by the world’s largest disc producers and software giants for its sustainable design and product performance.

As a packaging and storage system, Safety-sleeves® are compact and significantly less bulky. More discs can be stored in less space and shipped at lower costs. The side profile of the Safety-sleeve® is 75% thin-ner than the standard jewel box and is significantly less expensive to ship, while offering unlimited flexibility in designing sleeves for specific customer requirements.

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