Metal Heat Treating Companies in Ohio

Ohio is full of great manufacturers. In fact, we have a large amount of custom metal heat treating companies in Ohio who are eager to fill your orders. When you think of metal heat treating companies, try our local shops. They are available for many run types and offer prices that rival offshored work.

Why Work With Custom Metal Heat Treating Companies in ohio?

If you need to increase the hardness, strength, flexibility, or durability of a product, Ohio’s Custom Metal Heat Treating Companies can help. These local companies use heat treatment procedures to impart beneficial working properties onto metal for their customers, performing heat treatment services on fasteners, powdered metal components, raw materials, aluminum engine blocks, gears, stampings, castings, and and forgings. Heat treating not only increases the strength of the material, but also improves its formability, restores the ductility that may have been lost after a cold working operation, and improves the performance of your machine in general. If you need to enhance the lifespan of a metal component, Ohio’s Custom Metal Heat Treating Companies can help you.

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Custom Metal Heat Treating Companies Ohio

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  • Allied Tool & Die Inc. in Cleveland, OH

    A forward-thinking company from the very beginning, Allied Tool & Die combines a commitment to quality with an emphasis on dependability and exceptional customer service – guiding principles that have allowed us to successfully navigate the global demand for custom and precision metal stamping for over seventy years. We’ve continued to press forward, focused on the importance of evolving technology and the ever-shifting demands of the global marketplace. Times have certainly changed, but some things have stayed the same – quality, precision, expertise, and a strict adherence to the bottom line. We’ll manage your custom stamping jobs faithfully and efficiently without cutting any corners.

  • E Pallet Inc in Bedford, OH

    e-Pallet, Inc. is North America’s premier pallet management and logistics leader. We offer the most comprehensive pallet management programs and services in the industry. e-Pallet has developed an extensive national production network; working with over 300 qualified and respected manufacturing facilities across the country. These facilities are strategically located to assure product anywhere in the country with unlimited production capacity. Our purchasing power enables our customers to have products shipped anywhere in the country with one phone call.

  • Non Ferrous Casting Co in Dayton, OH

    While Non-Ferrous Casting is a family business with over 60 years of experience, we are a customer-centric company. Our size helps us communicate, understand, and achieve all of the goals for your casting needs. Our ability to control all aspects of operation: tooling, casting, finishing, heat-treating, machining, packaging, and others, helps to alleviate your stresses. We can take on all projects with confidence.

  • Drake Heating & Air in Centerville, OH

    At Drake Heating & Air, we aim to ensure our client’s homes are a comfortable temperature all year long. For nearly three decades, our factory-trained technicians have been delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality products to residents throughout the local community. If you are looking for reliable heating and air services, do not hesitate to schedule a service with our Dayton HVAC technicians. We are available 24/7 to handle your HVAC emergencies. We will get the job done right the first time.

  • Imt Defense Corp in Westerville, OH

    IMT Defence continues to deliver the highest quality metal parts in a wide variety of metals and alloys for medium to large calibre projectile bodies from 25mm to 155mm. We also provide vehicle systems, including drive shafts, suspensions, drive & track components for Canadian and U.S. armoured vehicles such as Stryker LAV, Bradley and Abrams tanks.

  • James Coe Wood Products in Gibsonburg, OH

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  • Queen City Bearers in Amelia, OH

    Queen City Bearers is a subsidiary of Queen City Tool Co., Inc. specializing in the manufacturing of bearer rings. Headquartered in an 8,000 sq. ft. production facility in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, Queen City Bearers has built a solid reputation on unsurpassed quality, highly competitive pricing, and excellent, on-time delivery.

  • Rumford Industrial Group in Miamisburg, OH

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  • P & L Heat Treating & Grinding in Youngstown, OH

    P & L Heat Treating has operated in Youngstown, Ohio for over 40 years. We perform a wide variety of heat treatment services, specializing in the heat treatment of H-13, D-2, D-7, A-2, S-7, high speed steel, austenitic stainless, and alloy steels. Our controlled gas nitriding service has proven to extend the life of extrusion and forging dies by as much as 3 times those that are non-nitrided.

  • Brad Bonsky Sheet Mtl Htg Ac in Uniontown, OH

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