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Ohio is full of great manufacturers. In fact, we have a large amount of custom mold design companies in Ohio who are eager to fill your orders. When you think of mold design companies, try our local shops. They are available for many run types and offer prices that rival offshored work.

Why Work With CNC Machine Shops in Cleveland, OH?

Ohio’s Custom Mold Design Companies can facilitate this manufacturing process by casting a variety of metals, metal alloys, plastics, glass, and concrete into parts with complex features that require no secondary machining. Additionally, many of these local Ohio companies offer CAD services to design molds, and the manufacturing processes to test and create them on a large scale for their clients. Ohio’s Custom Mold Making Companies have experts on hand to discuss new product design, as well as the reverse-engineering of existing parts. The mold-making process includes making a CAD design for an idea, using 3D printing to build a prototype from the CAD design, creating the mold, and then using the mold to mass manufacture the part. Many of these Ohio companies produce parts for the aerospace, aviation, bioscience, food processing, agriculture, electronic, and robotic industries.

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Custom Mold Making Companies Ohio

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Like many manufacturing directories Job Shops Ohio is committed to showcasing the capabilities of manufacturers in a way that makes it easy for you to find the vendor or company who you can partner with to enable your projects and orders are fulfilled. The main difference between most manufacturing directories and is that Job Shops Ohio is focused on only manufacturing companies based in the state of Ohio. The reason this directory of manufacturers is Ohio focused is because it not only makes sense to shorten a supply chain — it saves dollars!

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  • Ohio Plastics in Columbia Station, OH

    Manufacturer of Urethane Coated Webbing and Ohio Plastics Belting Co. is the leading manufacturer of the finest plastic-coated nylon or polyester webbing produced anywhere in the USA. We offer Standard, Grooved, and Beaded, and we can produce in black and almost any color, clear coats, or color coats.

  • Spectrum Plastics Corporation in , OH

    Spectrum Plastics Corporation is a custom injection molder specializing in high temperature – high performance thermoplastic. For over 30 years we have been producing superior custom molded plastic products for industries such as aerospace, medical and the transportation industry at competitive prices. Our wealth of experience enables us to provide technical assistance in every phase of the process from design to production.

  • American Classic Toy Inc in Sebring, OH

    We ,Topworks Plastic Mold Company,are a China based company dedicated to offering Custom Made Plastic Design,Plastic Mold and Plastic Molding Services.

    We inject over 10 years of experience into every project we take on, and our passionate, qualified and skilled group of professionals is really enthusiastic about plastic injection molding and your requirements.

  • Preform Sealants in , OH

    Preform Sealants was founded in 1972 in order to fill a void in our industry. We felt that most suppliers weren’t listening to their customers. Preforms success has come from helping our customers increase productivity through the use of kits, pre-fabricated parts, or new and innovative materials.

  • Mullins Rubber Products Inc in Dayton, OH

    Mullins Rubber manufactures center bonded rubber bushings for virtually every heavy-duty O.E. suspension manufacturer in the world.

  • Bastech Inc in Dayton, OH

    Additive 3D manufacturing is nothing new to BasTech. Since the early 1990s, as the first stereolithography machines were being commercialized, BasTech has utilized additive manufacturing technology in more ways than can be imagined. From end-use to aerospace components to highly accurate, functional prototypes for the automotive industry, to complex investment casting patterns, BasTech has done it all.

  • Premier Machine Products Inc in Kirtland, OH

    Premier Machine Products, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified contract manufacturing company. We have been in business with the same owner since 1968 with over 40 Brown and Sharpe single spindle machines, up to 2 3/8” capacity as well as a full range of secondary equipment. Our short lead times, coupled with on-time deliveries allows the purchasing agent to maintain: Reduced Inventories, Production Schedules and Commitment to their Customer Requirements.

  • Mold Shop in Sylvania, OH

    The Mold Shop will always strive to meet your expectations. Whether we are contacted to supply you an entire turn-key program consisting of part design, mold build, molded parts and fixtures. or something as simple as a low volume proto type mold, or even a few plastic machined parts. We will always try to meet your budgetary and delivery needs when ever possible.

  • Maca Mold & Machine Co in Canal Fulton, OH

    We are still collecting information about this manufacturer.
    Have A Suggestion About This Company's Profile? Message Us -or- Call 419-496-5412

  • Non Ferrous Casting Co in Dayton, OH

    While Non-Ferrous Casting is a family business with over 60 years of experience, we are a customer-centric company. Our size helps us communicate, understand, and achieve all of the goals for your casting needs. Our ability to control all aspects of operation: tooling, casting, finishing, heat-treating, machining, packaging, and others, helps to alleviate your stresses. We can take on all projects with confidence.

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